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Whatever the reason for your change of name, - marriage, deed poll, civil partnership or divorce- you will need to inform all the key UK organisations that you deal with so that they can amend their records and re-issue your paperwork and documents in your new name.

On average you will need to notify 30 to 40 organisations about your new name, and it takes most people 4 to 12 months to complete the process. Passport, DVLA, credit cards, savings, insurance policies, mortgage, utilities - the list goes on!

The New Name Kit is the answer – a revolutionary online system that helps you make fast work of notifying UK organisations about your change of name.

The New Name Kit is a must-have if you are:
  • changing your name by marriage (85% of women take their husband's last name in place of their own)
  • changing your name by deed poll
  • changing your name following civil partnership
  • changing your name following divorce.

Did you know that if you are marrying, divorcing or joining in a civil partnership, you may need a deed poll before you can officially use the name of your choice? We can provide your deed poll and information about all of your options. See our FAQ's for more details:
Marriage or civil partnership name change options
Divorce or separation name change options

For more information about how the New Name Kit works click on 'How it works' above.


The Hard Way to Notify Organisations About Your Change Of Name

Just in case you enjoy paperwork and like the challenge of doing things the hard way, here’s what you will need to do:
  • Make a list of the 30 to 40 organisations that you need to notify.
  • Find contact details for each organisation.
  • Find out what each of them needs from you. Is there an official form to complete? If so, where do you get it from?
  • Find out what documents each one needs. Do they want to see your original marriage certificate, deed poll or decree absolute, or will certified copies or photocopies be acceptable?
  • Write letters to each of the organisations that need to have your old and new signatures on record
  • Get tired and cross and wish that there was a product or service that could help you....

If you feel exhausted before you’ve licked a single stamp and would prefer to spend your free time doing something more interesting, the New Name Kit offers an alternative.


The New Name Kit Alternative

The Name Change Company is the expert when it comes to helping you to change your name, so we have created the New Name Kit, which enables you to quickly and easily notify UK organisations about your change of name.

Simply select the organisations you want to notify and your New Name Kit will tell you what action you need to take for each, providing you with contact details, instructions and advice, downloadable forms, email contacts - and the New Name Kit automatically writes personalised letters for you!
So for people who don't want any more paperwork in their life than is absolutely necessary, the New Name Kit is the answer.


Read the New Name Kit Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) or give us a call.

Some related FAQs:
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