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Step 1: About changing your name by Deed Poll

Change your legal name by Deed Poll

If you want to change your name or your child’s name quickly and easily, we can provide the help and advice you need.

You can legally change all or part of your name by Deed Poll. For example, you can change your name completely, or you can choose to just change your first, middle or last name. You can change the spelling of your name, or add or remove a name, but whatever it is you want to do, we can assist.

Simply complete your details using the online form provided and we can prepare your Deed Poll for you. This will be posted to you by FIRST CLASS MAIL within THREE WORKING DAYS, or if you need your document urgently, we can offer a same day postal service.

Simply click on 'Apply Now' to begin your online Deed Poll application

Please click on the 'Frequently Asked Questions' box to the right of this page, or call us on 01628 476657 Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm. Alternatively email us on

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What will you receive and how long does it take?

You will receive your Deed Poll in a document folder for safe-keeping.

You will also receive a booklet of useful information, such as how to use your Deed Poll to notify UK organisations about your new name or your child's new name.

If you are changing the names of more than one member of your family, each adult or child will receive a separate Deed Poll of their own. This is more useful than a shared ‘family’ Deed Poll, as each separate adult or child will need the original document at various stages of their life.

Your Deed Poll will be prepared and posted to you within three working days of submitting your application. If you require your Deed Poll more urgently we offer you a choice of delivery options as you go through the check out process.


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Please see our 'frequently asked questions' to the right of this page where you will find answers to a range of common questions about a change of name by Deed Poll.

If you can’t find the answer you need, send us an email by clicking on the ‘contact us’ link at the top of the page, or telephone 01628 476657 Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm.

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Our Deed Polls are accepted by UK organisations and UK government departments including the Identity and Passport Service, DVLA, and HM Revenue and Customs.
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